How to Campaign Against Tax Credit Overpayments

We've always said that it's publicity that is going to get anything done about the Tax Credit overpayment fiasco. Make a big enough noise, and eventually someone is going to be forced to listen. That's the way it normally works, and TCC have made plenty of noise over the past few years!

What we couldn't anticipate was Gordon Brown and his Labour Government being psychologically incapable of admitting that their flagship policy has failed in this way. Allowing people to suffer for the sake of their little political ego's, really. So we have to shout louder and harder, and we need everyone to join in! Everyone.

Publicity comes in many forms, but the easiest way to help is to spread the word about Tax Credit Casualties by putting up a couple of posters to let people know that we're here. We have two sizes that you can download:

2 x A5 posters on an A4 sheet

To download two posters on an A4 sheet, just click the picture on the left and the posters will open in a new browser window for you.

Once you've printed it, just fold the page and cut it so that you have two small posters. You can either put these up somewhere busy, or hand them to other people who have overpayments.

One poster A4 Size

If you'd like a bigger poster to put up somewhere good and busy, we have one that prints very nicely onto a sheet of A4 paper. It's the same design as the posters above ... just bigger.

Click on the picture on the right, and this bigger poster will open in a new browser window. Just print off as many as you want, and then cover the town! You'll be helping loads of people who thought there was no way to fight their overpayment. There are still many, many millions of overpayment victims out there!

Where are the best places to put up your posters? Well, anywhere where people will see them, really. Doctor's and dentist's surgeries, community notice boards, hospitals, shops, pubs and clubs. We didn't tell you this, but the back of toilet doors in your pub or club is another good place. And don't forget to put one in your own window ... even if it's just the Postperson that sees it, they get to meet a lot of people.

Most people will allow you to put up a poster if you ask. Heck, they've probably got their own Tax Credit overpayment to deal with and will welcome the information!