Voices of the Victims

'Voices of the Victims' is a free booklet of true-life Tax Credit overpayment stories, written by the overpayment victims themselves. It’s the first piece of qualitative research on Tax Credit overpayment and brings together nearly 40 cases in victims own words.

It's not a 'selection' of the 'juiciest' stories, but a collection of tragic and heartbreaking truths that we collated on a first-come basis. The 'victims' who volunteered their stories for inclusion in the free booklet showed tremendous courage. Thank you!

Cover of 'Voices of the Victims'

Why do we call them victims? Because they are ... their lives have been totally ruined, just because they claimed Tax Credits that they were entitled to claim. The very system that was supposed to help forced them into deep debt, then vigorously and ruthlessly persued those debts. Click the picture on the right to download 'Voices of the Victims' and read all about it for yourself!

Although the stories are tragic in themselves, an even bigger tragedy is the fact that this is only the very tip of a huge iceberg which continues to grow on a daily basis.

Official HMRC figures show that, from 2003 until April 2008, there have been 8,364,000 claims overpaid by a total of £7,093,000,000. That is seven billion and ninety-three million pounds! Statistics for 2008-2009 will probably not be released until May 2010, but you can expect the figures to increase by well over a million claimants, who have been overpaid by yet another one billion pounds.

The tragedies will continue to grow; lives ruined by HMRC oppression, which is backed-up by a Government in denial. Opposition MPs who attempt to get to the truth are 'misled' by evasive and convoluted answers given in Parliament, whilst the Party in power still refuse to listen - continuing to protect both their so called flagship policy, and the Prime Minister's fragile ego.

You can also download a transcript of the 'Voices of the Victims' launch speeches, given by TCC to MPs on 10 June 2008 at Portcullis House in London.