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Links to Websites

HMRC Is Shi*e is dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain and the employees of HMRC, who have to endure the monumental shambles that is Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. It is a brilliant website that tells the truth about HMRC and their blunders. The site's author, Ken Frost, is a highly qualified chartered accountant with over 20 years international experience.

The Tax Hell Blog , is written by freelance journalist Nick Morgan, who is the subject of an ongoing, unjust and unjustified investigation by HMRC. The investigation began over a £10 book which Nick had purchased to research a potential interview, and rightly claimed as an allowable expense. HMRC thought otherwise!

They Work For You is a non-partisan website, run by a charity, which aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their elected and unelected representatives in Parliament and other assemblies. Easy to use, this site is very useful; you are given all of the information you could possibly need to know about your MP.

Write To Them is a site which not only tells you who your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs are, but gives you to an easy method of writing to them, too! A very easy site to use, they also have a good help section about what to do if your MP, or other representative, doesn't respond.

Hear From Your MP If you enter your details, they'll add you to a queue of other people in your constituency. When enough have signed up, your MP will get sent an email. It’ll say “25 of your constituents would like to hear what you’re up to. Hit reply to let them know”. If they don’t reply, nothing will happen, until your MP gets a further email which says there are now 50, then 75, 100, 150 — until it is nonsensical not to reply and start talking.

Community Legal Advice offers free, confidential and independent legal advice for residents of England and Wales. Community Legal Advice is the new name for Community Legal Service Direct. We use their legal advice eligibility calculator on this website.

Dr. Ros Altmann, champion of the rights of pensioners deprived of their pensions through maladministration, is an investment expert, investment banker and economist, and also an adviser on policy and strategy to the pensions industry. Ros's papers, notes and presentations can be downloaded free of charge from this site.

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Tax Credit Casualties (TCC) is a voluntary, unfunded, not for profit organisation run by members for members. We cannot take any responsibility for decisions made by HMRC, The Parliamentary Ombudsman, The Adjudicator, or any other organisation, regarding claimants cases. We offer free advice on how to dispute unfair overpayments based on our own experiences, the experiences of other claimants and HMRC guidelines.
Please note that we are not tax professionals and are working on a voluntary basis, unpaid, in our ‘free time’. Between us, we have a lot of experience and knowledge in this area, gained over the last few years of supporting victims and helping them fight for justice and their rights. Legislation, operating practices and individual cases change all the time, and while we aim to be professional and accurate at all times, please understand the circumstances we are working under and accept our support, guidance and information in the sprit it is offered; goodwill and camaraderie.

Our Standards
TCC was established to provide advice and guidance on disputing recovery of non-fraud tax credit overpayments and to lobby for fundamental change on the inbuilt flaws and inequalities of the tax credit system. Whilst TCC provide guidance and information on how to handle disputes and even provide an advocacy service in some instances, neither TCC as an organisation not any participating members are responsible or liable for outcomes of disputes which remain wholly the remit of HMRC, the Adjudicator and/or the Parliamentary Ombudsman, as appropriate and dependent on the stage of dispute. TCC operate in a professional manner and endeavour to give accurate and appropriate advice based on information provided by members. TCC endeavour to respond to members as quickly and efficiently as possible, given the voluntary nature of the organisation and limited resources available. TCC is an inclusive organisation and will treat all members in a fair and equitable manner.

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