Contact Tax Credit Casualties

Please Read Before E-Mailing Tax Credit Casualties

I'm afraid it is no longer achievable or sustainable for me to respond, within a useful time frame, to everyone who contacts me.

Because of this, I've had to take the decision to refer all new (to me) cases back to the website. I will continue to support my existing cases and, where possible, anyone else whose case is going majorly 'off-script'. I will endeavour to respond in such instances, hopefully within 7 to 10 days - but it may take longer!

It galls me to have to do all this, as for the past 10 years I have tried to be as accessible as possible and answer everyone who contacts me, but that has now become unsustainable even though I don't want to be letting people down.

So I now have to ask that people please use the flow chart on our Home Page, and the step-by-step guides here on our website before contacting me.

The website has been massively updated and overhauled very recently and so contains all of my current advice. Please read each stage carefully to understand 'where you are at' and what will be happening next in your case.

The new content of the website should meet most people's needs and if there are any gaps in advice for individual cases, I can try to assist via a lower rate of incoming emails.

So please only email me if you have already looked and your situation is not described on our website.

If You Do Have To Contact Me:

  • Try to be accurate in what you tell me. Use the terms that HMRC have used in their correspondence, as there is a big difference between an Appeal and a Dispute, or a Penalty and an Overpayment, for example.
  • Please tell me roughly how long you have already been disputing your Tax Credit overpayment, what HMRC have told you is the cause, anything you know about what led to the overpayment, and any other actions you have taken so far.
  • Unless it's been over two weeks since you sent it, please don't re-send emails that you haven't had an answer to yet. Please understand that there is only one person answering the e-mails and it's not my 'job' or a 'proper office'. Instead, I do this voluntarily around my daily job and my family. I have to fit in what I can, when I can!
  • Please don't ask for my advice if you also have another advisor, elsewhere, working on your behalf (unless you tell the other advisor to stop working on your case). Not only is that creating extra work for both advisors, it could confuse, and even harm, your case.

Thank you.

Paula xx

Volunteer Caseworker