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I Can No Longer Respond To Emails

I'm afraid it is no longer achievable or sustainable for me to respond to emails.

Due to both personal reasons and the sheer volume of emails, I found I was no longer able to respond to emails within a useful time-frame.

Because of this, I've had to take the decision to refer all new (to me) cases back to the website. I will continue to support as many of my existing cases as possible but I'm afraid I can no longer reply to anyone else.

It galls me to have to do all this, as for the past 10 years I have tried to be as accessible as possible and answer everyone who contacts me, but that has now become unsustainable even though I don't want to be letting people down.

So I now have to ask that people please use the flow chart on our Home Page, and the step-by-step guides here on our website.

The website has been massively updated and overhauled very recently and so contains all of my current advice. Please read each stage carefully to understand 'where you are at' and what will be happening next in your case. The new content of the website should meet all your needs, so please read the relevant sections carefully.

I'm sorry I have had to take this step, and I hope you find the website useful.

Thank you.

Paula xx